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Petrodec is a Team convinced that decommissioning Oil and Gas installations is the new frontier industry.  It is composed of highly motivated individuals that have decided to steer their career towards the latest challenge faced by the O&G industry: Erasing its footsteps. 

Our ambitions are only as high as our work ethic and our thirst for efficiency. To achieve this we have put together a management team that:

  • Is strong but as streamlined as any decomissioning project should be 

  • Totalizes over 80 years of high profile project management experience

  • Lives the dream of decommissioning for the future generations

  • Is as international as our industry can be

  • Has full technical control of our field of operations 

  • Is the perfect mix between O&G operator and Offshore contractor background

  • Can address the full chain of activities from P&A, to structural removal all the way to recycling